Kisafi, an Uber for home cleaning services is launching in Uganda.

Kisafi that describes itself as the only tech platform in Africa for requesting laundry and home cleaning is launching in Uganda. Call it an on-demand home cleaning, laundry/dry-cleaning, pickup and delivery services. Something they promise to do at the tap of a button.

Accessing Kisafi requires one to visit their website or through their free android app. Kisafi promises to offer free services for one week to whoever signs up for their newsletter. They go on to say that they partner with the best cleaners in the business to offer free, fast laundry picks and delivery within 24-28 hour turnaround. They as well have pro cleaning services where their pro cleaners are mounted with cameras for extra safety and quality control assurances.

It should be noted that Kisafi is not entering a virgin territory. They have the likes of Yoza, now the de-facto lead in the cleaning business and other smaller players to contend with. Yoza for this case seems to be the only serious threat given it employs the same approach on top of having bots, a direct call center and their social media accounts, through which customers can access their services.

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However at the end of the day it’s the customers’ that benefit the most with increased competition at play. Rates at times go down, improvements in services quality surface and who knows, advertising spend increases as a well as adoption given the increased services supply that benefits them the most.

Asked about any thoughts regarding Kisafi’s entry in Uganda, Solomon Alvin, Yoza’s C.E.O and founder echoed some of the above issues.

Uganda is a tricky market all the way, look at Uber that offered free rides but only managed to retain 10% of those that used the service for free. So I would say them coming is okay and healthy for the market but it’s all for the clients at the end of the day”.

Kisafi promises 30-50% discounts off regular city rates, a move that seeks to downplay the competition. Kisafi is also hiring from the talented pool of Ugandans and is looking for part-time or full-time folks for positions in technology, marketing, operations, delivery and cleaning. Able-bodied candidates should send their CVs to