Kenya to Launch 4G LTE Technology later this year


kenyaUgandans have enjoyed 4G technology services for over a year since MTN started the trend.  The Kenyan telecom regulatory authority CCK, has not given out any LTE spectrum to any carrier as the government decided through it’s  ICT Authority to implement and back the sharing of the LTE infrastructure. The LTE project, is currently being implemented under a public private partnership framework. This was done to significantly reduce capitalization and operation costs (OPEX) to network providers and service charges to increase internet users now at over 19 million.

According to trusted reports, Kenyans will soon have access to faster mobile data as early as December. Although there have been claims by some carriers that the process was slow, the government still insists that it is fully committed to fast tracking roll out of a planned national fourth generation long-term evolution (4G LTE) mobile network contrary to earlier claims by some operators. The government and telecommunication companies will partner with the network providers to sustain the service.