Jayz’s new Album out of Samsung exclusivity phase: Let the downloading begin

jay z album samsung

Magna Carta Holy Grail Jay-Z’s latest hit Album has officially arrived on a million Samsung phones today, courtesy of a pioneering cross-promotional deal. But it’s also everywhere online , thrown up on scores of blogs and torrent trackers almost immediately after the time elapsed.

Samsung is rumored to have paid a figure which is the range of $20 million to secure the endorsement, it
all seems a little fruitless in retrospect. But what Samsung receives is more valuable than just an incentive to buy their devices. The company gets its name plastered across the internet alongside one of the most desirable brands in music.

If you are a Samsung owner, you would seem more burned with the release. Twitter is full of complaints about gateway errors when trying to download the album from the company’s servers. To add salt to the would , the official download is reportedly the clean version, meaning Galaxy S III, S4, and Note II owners that want the real version of the album will still have to cough up for it. The official release of the album, in all of its unsanitized glory, is July 9th.