Is Apple really working on an electric car?

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Google has its own self driving car, and if rumors are to be believed, WSJ is reporting that Apple is indeed working on their own car. Internally known as “Project Titan,” the all-electric vehicle reportedly has a striking “resemblance to a minivan” with several people working on it.

┬áThe report says that the car may not guaranteed this car will see the day of light as it could be seen several years at least before Titan could be ready for production. This platform could also be a mere platform for testing other products and technologies like Apple’s Carplay.

Conquering the dash board

Wall Street Journal report also claims that the CEO Tim Cook signed off on Titan nearly 12 months ago, giving ex-Ford engineer and current Apple exec Steve Zadesky a team of 1,000 staff from across a variety of departments in the company. Apple could offer to work hand-in-hand with a car company to do something far grander in scale. Imagine Apple’s software and hardware design sensibilities scaled up for a complete takeover of a car’s cabin: the instrument cluster, the seat heaters, and everything in between. Alternatively, Apple could be going head-to-head with suppliers like BlackBerry’s QNX division, which basically offers turnkey operating systems for the dashboard.

Source: The Wall Street Journal