iPhone 5c production reportdely on halt

According to Digitimes the production of the iPhone 5c reportedly halted, which signifies another hit for Apple’s Plastic iPhone.  First, in the beginning of October we heard rumors Apple reducing the production of the iPhone 5c due to the low user demand and sales.

Just few days ago we learned Apple is cutting the iPhone 5c production in Foxconn’s Zhengzhou factory from 50,000 per day down to just 8,000 per day.

Now a new report comes in, suggesting that the same Zhengzhou factory is going to stop all iPhone 5c production and will be switching to iPhone 5s instead.

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Even if Apple earnings and sales are still astonishingly high, we always wondered how the iPhone 5c will fit into Apple’s phone portfolio. Most the tech pundits including us thought this was the phone for the emerging market that Apple would sell at a lower price but we were all side stepped.

It seems the plastic iPhone isn’t doing all so well – something that isn’t going to surprise anyone who has had the chance to spend some time with it.