The Port: Introducing Techjaja’s New Start up show that focuses on African Startups

We live in a changing world of technological evolution in Uganda and Africa at large, and Techjaja is officially doubling down on all things tech this side of the planet through it’s upcoming series that we have called The Port. We gave you a picture teaser last week of the show’s name depicting several things named port. Techjaja wants to connect all tech start ups in Uganda and Africa to rest of the world as a whole and help them tell their story. We aim to make these up coming tech empires into in-destructible tech companies.

This is a big moment for us. The premiere show of The Port  will be hosted by Ronald Kasagga. It’s a new show that visits rising start ups and provides never-before-seen access to the men and women building the tech future of Africa. For the first episode, we visit the chaps at My Ziki aka Uganda’s ‘itunes’, an online music start up that was founded on the pillars of supporting and growing the local Ugandan Music industry. So look out for this Pilot Episode of The Port this week.

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