Introducing Jolla, a new Smartphone made by Ex Nokia Employees

jolla phones

Imagine a world where Nokia has not the Windows Phone route!

In may this year we saw a brief look at what the future Jolla phone  would look like, and the company promised they will deliver the phone and OS before years end. We wont go into Nokia’s transition into Windows Phone and now under Microsoft ownership, but this phone made by Ex Nokia employees seems to give a fresh breath into the mobile ecosystem.

They have picked up from where the Nokia N9’s stopped and have created a great product and today marks the day they ship out the first consignment of Jollas — yes, the phone and the company have the same name . They go to the first pre-order clients who staked their claim way back in May and come with a handwritten note of gratitude from Jolla employees.

Its compatible with Android apps

The Jolla startup aims to succeed where the formerly giant and resource-rich Nokia didn’t dare tread. The phone will cost about EUR 399. The video below will show you all the fancy UI transitions and how you go about with this new phone.

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Jolla’s strength is in having a lighter software stack — underpinned by the Qt framework, which provides the basis both for its native apps and its UI — than Android while still being compatible with Android apps. There is no access to the Google Play Store,but can sideload app APKs if you wish. We hope to get it soon and play around with it.