Introducing G-mail Shelfie

shelfieIn what sounds like a pun from last year’s word of the year ‘selife’, Google is currently rolling out an updated way you can pimp up your desktop Gmail theme and has named it Shelfie. Its basically putting the existing Gmail themes on steroids and allowing you to customize yours how you see fit with several custom themes.

You can also share it with your friends so that they enjoy it. When it first appears on your Gmail, you are of course given opt in options, you can use top trending shelfies, Keep your current theme or even make your own shelfie.

With top trending shelfie setting, users will see different themes every hour which is basically a cool way to keep your Gmail interface look and feel different. Now you will have to be patient as Google is rolling it out at their own pace. Just log into your G-mail account today and Good luck.