Introducing a new African brewed social media revolution: Orbi, Twitter for voice

Orbi, Twitter for voice

Orbi, Twitter for voice is a voice based, micro-blogging platform. Early this month, this Nigerian based service released an Android app. Orbi is a social platform that connects the world through 9 second voice notes. After the release of the web version, late last year, Orbi is glad to bring its vision of a mobile first experience to its growing user base.

Given the growing prominence of the Android platform within the smartphone market, bringing Orbi to Android users has been a major focus. With the new Android app, users will get an enjoyable experience that focuses on simplicity and intuitiveness, making the process of recording orbs and discovering new people as seamless as possible. ‘We are excited to be releasing the first version of Orbi on the Android platform. Everyone will get to enjoy a new social experience built around voice. This is something that hasn’t been done before coming out of Africa. We have designed Orbi to be as easy as to use as possible. Our focus was simplicity and intuitiveness’ said Founder and CEO, Tomi Walker.

With Orbi, users will be able to:

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– Create unique user profiles

– Broadcast each post to their Twitter/Facebook audience

– Record voice notes for up to 9 seconds

–  Listen to voice notes (called orbs) from your favorite people

– Caption orbs

–  Attach pictures

You can try out Orbi, Twitter for voice Android app in source link below.