The internet now has its own brain

The internet's mind (Image credit:
The internet's mind (Image credit:
The internet’s mind (Image credit:

Have you ever been online and felt like it was equivalent to, and perhaps at times better than human communication? None of that comes as a coincidence. There’s no wizard inside your motherboard helping you install software, it’s all strategically scripted somewhere out there in the vast expanse of the internets of our lovely planet.

Remember the days when you went onto your computer and read stuff, and that was all you could do? No? You’re probably not that old. I don’t either.. Point being, those days, the internet was primarily for accessing information.

Google stage of the internet’s morphing

Later on, with the dilution of the access to, and fast-growing pace of the internet, the general trend transitioned to one where information sharing was asynchronous. By this, the ease with which common internet users could upload and share information/resources had allowed the internet to expand massively in terms of information, on both quantitative and qualitative scales.Needless to say, with this came regulatory authorities, hackers, wiki pages, and the like.
This is what we can collectively [and safely] call the Google stage of the internet’s morphing. Here, we have seen websites resize according to your screen’s size and orientation, we have heard music play from one of the tabs we opened and we’ve frantically searched each of them for that darned ‘noisy’ tab, and notably so, we have seen complete for us sentences like it was our best friend!
Take a look at these examples and see that the internet clearly thinks for itself, and it’s sole purpose is to keep you glued to it!

Facebook’s do you know?

Do you know so-and-so? Odds are, you know them. Of course, sometimes, Facebook will deliver a totally random stranger with a single mutual friend. Ignore those. By the way, did you know that Facebook will show you more do-you-know females if you’re male, and more males if you’re female? BRAINS!

Tumblr’s see what’s trending

Let’s say you visit this nice site once and like it’s content, so you decide to follow/signup or something of the sort. This site uses your email to send you whatever it deduces you fancy. Some sites ask you to pick from categories of ‘things’ you like to look at, say a meme of grumpy cat, or shots from the winter olympics. Tumblr is one such site, and it emails you every once in a while, like a mistress beckoning seductively at you as you scroll through your ‘serious’ emails. BRAINS!

Dropbox’s we miss you

Ever had a friend or loved one tell you they miss you when it’s been a while since you last spoke? Well, if your answer is no, fear not! Dropbox will email you to let you know it misses you – and your syncing! Awwwww, how sweet!
image3 dropboxHere’s the nicely scripted love letter Dropbox sends you
Hi Migisha,
Your Dropbox has been feeling lonely recently 🙁
As a reminder, Dropbox lets you:
    • Get to all your stuff from any computer or phone
    • Easily share photos and docs with friends and family
    • Restore your stuff in a snap even if your computer melts down
Ready to make friends with Dropbox again? Just add a file to your Dropbox folder!
We hope you come back!
– The Dropbox Team
P.S. If you got a new computer, you may need to reinstall Dropbox.

Does it get more human than this? I think not. BRAINS!

Pinterest’s someone followed you & LinkedIn’s someone’s viewed your profile

There’s really nothing like that moment when your friend starts to tell you about praises that were sang about you in your absence, or about that thing that you made that is now the talk of the town.. Even the most manly man who has no time for gossip will indulge some sweet words from another. Pinterest, FourSquare, and LinkedIn among many other sites out there will do this for/to you.
So-and-so who is your Facebook friend joined Pinterest. So-and-so wants to be your friend. So-and-so is following you. So-and-so, people have been viewing your profile!
They surely understand the human need to feel important, even if just for a moment.. BRAINS!

Threadless’ new arrivals & challenges, Medium’s and Cracked’s new articles, & Youtube’s someone sent you a message

Have you encountered those people who come to offices or [insert place of work/hangout] and want to sell to you things? Food, Jewellery, Padlocks that are original, Extension cables, name it.. They’ll avail the item, and you’ll decide on whether you’re in the mood for making a purchase or not.
Several sites on the internets these days will personally holler at you when there’s something new they want you to see. A new article, a new picture gallery, a new song’s lyrics, a new blogpost from that guy you follow, a new comment on that thing you commented on last week..
See the trend? BRAINS!
from medium below
from threadless below
from youtube below
Even unique players in the game have their own way of human interaction; take for example Flipboard’s flip through this, that, etc, etc. Perfect for the site since it will refer to your preferred categories [which you told it when you first logged in] and pick out top stories that may catch your eye, and lead to a click or two in their direction. Needless to say, BRAINS!
With all the information and players in the internet, it has inevitably developed a brain – piece by piece, from continent to continent. Learning as it goes along, going along as it learns.. If you were waiting for talking robots that can fry you a rolex and stream Sitya Loss simultaneously for you to believe the internet has a brain, I invite you now to wake up and smell the coffee..