Intel unveils it’s next generation processor for 2013

intel hq

The year 2012 ushered in  Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors that provided a modest but very welcome speed bump, just in time for windows 8 laptops, tablets and computers.

So 2013 seems to be the year to boast performance, the company’s new Haswell CPUs are poised to actually give those touchscreen computers the battery life and graphics power hungrily need. Intel’s launching its fourth-generation Core processors this week, and it sounds like they’ll be a significant enough improvement in laptops and tablets.Haswell will obviously be in desktops and all-in-one computers as well, its benefits will probably be felt best in the thinnest crop of new machines.

Lets look at the improvements

Battery life

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Haswell processors will be 20 times more power efficient at idle than Sandy Bridge was.Intel says the new chip gets three more hours of HD video playback. And when you’re not using your computer, while it’s sitting idle or asleep, Intel says it’s actually doubled the longevity. You can leave a laptop
suspended for 10 days.


More portable and thinner machines

Haswell’s U-series parts only stretch down to 15W TDP, the Y-series can go as low as 6W SDP.
Intel anticipates the Y-series will primarily appear in detachable “processor behind the glass” computers, and tablets as thin as 10 millimeters.

Off the hook Graphics

Intel’s introducing a new generation of integrated graphics alongside its 4th-gen Core processors, and they’re quite noticeably improved, with modest increases at the 15W ultrabook level (with Intel HD Graphics 5000) and huge ones for slightly heftier laptops.