Instagram completely redesigns its app and icon

redsigned instagram

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We wouldn’t say its been long over due, but after a long time, Instagram’s old-school icon will be no more and is going away in favor of something more flat and modern. The company is currently rolling out a more modern app with a much more richer and colorful new icon for its main app has been introduced. The new icon now matches the icons for their other apps like Layout and Hyperlapse.

The new Instagram app redesign adopts a simple black-and-white look that puts the images and vidoes at the center stage. Truth be told, it doesn’t really appear all that different. It feels like a very lightly stripped down version and less cluttered than the previous one. So it was designed in such a way that the only part of that app that pops with color is your photos. For those with Android and iOS phones, you will be receiving this update today.