The Infinix Zero 5 is launching. Here is what we expect

The Zero is Infinix’s top-tier flagship line and always exhibits the best of Infinix or what Infinix has to offer. Whereas last year gave us the Zero 4, this year will see a numerical increment to Zero 5 and not just the number but what lies behind it.

Infinix is officially launching the Zero 5 tomorrow, the 14th November 2017 in Dubai, which is fast becoming the launch capital of Transsion owned brands. TECNO’s Phantom 8 launched in the same city.

To double it down…..

Not so much is in the public domain about the Zero 5 but here are our expectations. We expect it to have a Dual Camera setup with better optics of course since its 2017 my friend, 6GB of RAM with either 64GB or 128GB storage configuration.

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The screen will pretty much remain the same albeit with more nits and nothing but less of 4000mAh battery will be acceptable with the upcoming phablet.

Other Infinix features like fast charging will outright come out of the box. Infinix has recently been teasing the Zero 5 heavily on its social media channels though it hasn’t thrown hints on when the phone will launch here.

We expect it to retail for around UGX 1,200,000 – UGX 1,400,000. You have heard our side, what are your expectations of the Zero 5?