iDroid USA is one of the fastest growing mobile brands in Uganda

iDroid Royal V5 and Royal V4 launch chameleon
IDroid USA CEO and Chameleon at the lunch of the iDroid Royal V5 and V4

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We’ve already detailed the fast rise of this Virgin playboy in the smartphone landscape in Uganda. The cutthroat prices saw their smartphones fly off  shelves as if they’re battling Usain Bolt. And them coming bundled with data offers was a blessing in disguise. Ugandans love offers, and iDroid USA is challenging the status quo with its new position. Samsung has traditionally reigned at the top as Huawei, HTC, Tecno crave for the second spot but iDroid USA is tired of keeping watch. It’s army of devices is selling in droves.

TV, radio and print media tell it all. Everywhere you go iDroid is as visible as daylight. Bringing music heavyweight Chameleone (featured image above) after all wasn’t futile, adding a legion of more ambassadors didn’t disappoint either. Not forgetting the new iDroid song that resulted from these new partnerships. They’ve all catapulted this brand to heights. Retailers in and around town claim iDroid smartphones are some of the most sought after smartphones. They sell like hotcakes and it’s about time one of the big players got relegated for iDroid to claim the sweet spot. However it has a tough journey ahead since it’s closest rivals aren’t comfortable either.

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This wave of news only gets them to better their games and hold tight on their positions. iDroid USA has so far unleashed several Android Smartphones that we have extensively reviewed like the Royal V7, Tango A5 and the V5.