iDroid getting all the love in Kampala

iDroid Tango A5_hands on#

From the splashy iDroid USA launch event that happened over at Sheraton hotel to our detailed critically acclaimed hands on reviews that somewhat broke social media (Hides face) with mixed comments flooding from every direction. The news is  no longer about how the US based smartphone vendor is plying the smartphone route to catchup with the competition, instead it’s about how quickly iDroid has established its self  with a strong brand representation in so short the time after everyone thought it was heading the other direction. It’s now one of the most sought after smartphone brands across every corridor of town with billboards, banners greeting you every time you step foot in Kampala or when enroute to other parts of Uganda, switch on a radio or prefer things the visual when you switch to moving pictures.

Not only do they have a  fat ad budget, but also have engulfed themselves into an active social media campaign especially with the immensely successful iDroid shillings (I think governor might have Mutebile loosened his grip to let this currency circulate). Also, having nailed distribution with its smartphones gracing shelves of most telco shops and phone dealerships across Kampala and every part of town screaming iDroid, it wouldn’t be wise to let this go without a vote of thanks.

Besides signing the musical genius Doctor Jose Chameleone as its top ambassador and top dogs in the entertainment industry that have added value to the iDroid brand. The well received iDroid shillings campaign has also caught on with responses flooding social media where a special category of users who get hold of this virtual currency stand a chance of getting discounts anytime they prefer to purchase an iDroid smartphone. They will automatically enjoy discounted pricing for the flagship Royal V7 and its protégé the Tango A5. All the love flowing towards this campaign is evident of how social media can be crafted creatively to establish a strong brand given its now our superstitious public square.

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Establishing a recognizable brand in the competitive yet growing smartphone game in Uganda is seen as one of the hurdles that took industry behemoths to nail yet this virgin entrant has established it’s self as a force to reckon with. It’s no longer the prayer part that is needed for this new kid on the block to flourish instead it’s how the competition will respond with similar or on the next level tactics.

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