ICT center launched at the East African Community

East African Community

A top notch ICT Information Resource Center and Library has been introduced at the East African Community (EAC), with the facility being cited as severely vital for supporting information requirements for the Permanent three-way Commission. The project was funded by the European Union Integration Support Programme (RIPS) up to a tune of  US $ 111,395 for equipping and furnishing the information resource center that is located within the EAC Headquarters.

According dailynewstz Ms Sarah Kagoda-Batuwa, the EAC Principal Librarian explained that

“One of the responsibilities of the Secretariat under Article 71 of the EAC Treaty is to promote and disseminate information on the community to stakeholders, the general public and the international community”

She said that the facility will serve as a one-stop center for information on regional integration and also play the role of catalyst for transforming EAC into modern knowledge-based organization through increasing information accessibility to all parties.

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The Chairperson of the EAC Council of Ministers, officially cut the ribbon to inaugurate the new facility and in his speech he said that developing countries were still far behind in strategic utilization and management of information.

“Which partly explains why we are yet to take full advantage of opportunities and benefits offered by globalization,” said Ms Kandie, adding that what is often lacking in the region’s development is the utilisation of research data and information to fuel growth and development.

East African Community
EAC Secretary General, Dr Richard Sezibera

Tanzanian Minister for EAC Affairs, Mr Samuel Sitta, said that Tanzania will submit all archives and documents salvaged from the previous EAC which collapsed in 1977, so that the materials can be included in the new Information center.

On his part the EAC Secretary General, Dr Richard Sezibera, said the centre will provide a conducive environment for researchers and in the process also attract investors and development partners to seek accurate and vital data and information from the facility.