Hustling through this Smartphone Era

smartphone era

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Well am probably the best example that has in the past months tried to run but surely failed to hide from the Smartphone era. Recently at a highly hyped executive party enjoyed maximally, all of a sudden it turned out to be a moment of regret. As executives and friends exchanged contacts, they used a more easy and modified saying. ‘Can I have your WhatsApp or Viber number please?

I was automatically excluded from the lot as my cellular phone was incompatible. Everyone (of course me exclusive) slid, swiped, unlocked using PINs and Patterns on their smartphones to exchange their “WhatsApp or Viber number” as I simply did the writing of numbers.  With me not giving mine because of my old version Symbian cellular phone well positioned in my wallet pocket, switched to the silent mode carefully so as make no noise at any phone call. With the mighty excuse of having left my phone on charger back at office, I managed to save myself the embarrassment of pulling it out in public.

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Call it bragging, deny it as much as you can that you don’t need a smartphone but you surely can’t run away from the Smartphone revolution. You will either miss out on a very important event because you missed that update on WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber name it. Worst still you’re likely to miss out an audition or job interview that could only have been advertised on a website that you could have easily accessed using your Smartphone right your hands palm. Am not a prophet of doom neither are my sayings preaching blasphemy but am simply trying to reflect more on an era gone viral, an era  that will either positively or negatively have an impact on your day-to-day to life, the Smartphone Era!!


So you’re probably going to ask yourself if you really need a smartphone and I think at this point the answer is obvious, YES you 100% need a smartphone! Regardless of the costs incurred (of which are surely worth it), your timing and lifestyle will only become simplified in any way possible. A click or slide away on that most dreaded website or that app and you have first-hand info on sports, latest apps, news, programs, tabloids, online right in the palm of your hand. So why wait to be told what you can access for yourself instantly at a click away. Interestingly not only do you access news round your area code only but the world over. Literally it’s like you have the whole world right in the palms of your hand. Now that’s an era made a lot easier to enjoy life, A Smartphone Era! So what do you think? Can you live without a Smartphone?

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