Huawei to have two CEOs per year in the effort to stay on top

It seems the system of having a CEO head a company f for years and years (read Microsoft)just wont cut it for the Chinese multibillion-dollar telecom infrastructure  and mobile device maker Huawei who have , just announced a new CEO — but only for the next six months which basically two CEOs per year. Eric Xu will be the acting CEO of Huawei from October 1st to March 31st under the Huawei rotating CEO system, an experimental management strategy that the company revealed last year according to Bloomberg.

Under the system, three executives take turns acting as CEO. The temporary position entails leading meetings with the board of directors and executive management as well as taking the primary role in operations and crisis management.
The executives bring expertise from different parts of the company, such as marketing, wireless, and research and development. Their normal duties do not change while acting as CEO, and they retain “considerable authority” even when not acting as CEO.

The reasoning for this highly unorthodox system? Huawei and China are in a period of rapid change, and having three CEOs will keep the company agile.

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