Huawei reportedly developing 5G networks, ready for airwaves by 2020

According to Forbes, Huawei‘s rotating CEO and deputy chairman Ken Hu claims that company has been working on developing 5G networks for the past several years and set to be ready by 2020. 5G networks will offer speeds up to 100 times faster than 4G.

Currently the 5G 3GPP standard is not yet ready but this has not stopped network vendors from testing the technology internally. The CEO further acknowledges that fact that the goal is ambitions and it would also depend on airwaves being released for such use. Huawei has reportedly assigned many engineers to work on this future technology, somethingnthe company’s CEO says is “crucially important” for the modern world.

He also hinted on the topic of wearable technology, a deep discussion about real-time data collection, the use of technologies to help remove human barriers, and some of the challenges and potentials all of this presents to various businesses.

“We need to think about today through the lens of tomorrow where the internet is a fundamental, ubiquitous infrastructure like electricity or roads.”

— Ken Hu Huawe CEO
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In May of this year, Samsung reported that it had been testing 5G wireless service in-house, and that the network is hundreds of times faster than presently available 4G networks. The Korean company also gave the same timelines of 2020.