HTC to make its Exclusive Apps available to other Android Phones

HTC One E8

Zoe to go live next week

HTC One E8Last week one of our very own expressed his frustration why HTC has taken so long to release its Zoe app, comparing it to some sort of bloatware. We know that HTC has had plans to release its apps like BlinkFeed and Zoe to other Android smartphones. And now the company is about to execute on that plan: HTC is expected to release a beta of its Zoe camera software later this week according to Recode and these rumors where quickly confirmed by Drew Bamford, who’s leading the Creative Labs division tasked with bringing HTC’s signature apps to hardware from competitors like Samsung, LG, and Sony.

HTC Zoe App
The long awaited Zoe App

The Zoe app, was initially introduced with the launch of last year’s HTC One M7, and it automatically creates video clips featuring photos and snippets from a user’s camera roll. The app will further apply a soundtrack of your choice and other transitions to these highlight reels, and make it possible to share the end result with your friends. The company wants to  build an active community of Zoe users.

 Of course the Zoe App wont topple already existing apps like Instagram or even Vine, but the quest to ask is whether the Samsung or Sony Android users will give Zoe a  second look.