HTC One M9 to be announced with a Smartwatch and Camera revamp

HTC one M8

HTC has already sent out invites to it’s March 1st Mobile World Congress event where it will unveil it’s latest flagship smartphone, today Bloomberg has some inside information on what we might expect on that day. The codenamed HTC One M9, will have a similar design to the M8 and will come in  gold, gray, and silver color options. Other rumors include the latest snapdragon 810 processor and 2 or 3 GB of RAM. Although details are no clear, the report also states that HTC’s first smartwatch will be revealed in March as well.

Camera revamp

HTC has for the past two years stuck to it’s Ultrapixel (4 megapixel ) camera technology on the rear-facing camera, but Bloomberg reports that the M9 will have a hefty 20 megapixels. HTC will however not give up on it’s ultrapixel concept as it will stick it in the front-facing camera, which means  better low-light selfies. The M9 will come with Sense 7, HTC’s latest Android skin, and Dolby 5.1 audio technology, according to Bloomberg.

The smartwatch is said to hook into Under Armour’s fitness software; the sports clothing and accessories company announced a partnership with HTC at CES earlier this month.

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Source: Bloomberg