Tired of the same old normal selfies? I think it’s high time you changed scenery–and perhaps you could try underwater selfies. The sad part is that not every phone has the luxury of taking a dip before it stops functioning. So, we can’t start giving you pointers of taking selfies underwater without exploring the device that enabled us pull this off.

Of late I have come to believe that smartphone gimmicky features only seize to exist when it does something that you would incorporate easily in your daily life. Smartphone makers have added all sorts of new features in their handheld gizmos to entice buyers. I’ve always asked myself under what circumstance I’ll ever put the phone’s water resistance capabilities to use. So, we recently took the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge for a swim with us to prove whether it can handle aquatic selfies and another tricks it could have up its sleeve. We’ve previously reviewed the S7 Edge and gave it one of the highest gadget review scores at Techjaja, and that was not accidental. Most of our readers were still skeptical and asked us to take some under water shots with this beast of a smartphone after the review, we decided to take on the challenge. Let’s be clear,  S7 Edge is not the first smartphone to survive under water, before it, the Galaxy s5 and some Sony Xperia smartphones that could do this. You can check out the latest waterproof smartphones here.
Underwater, the S7 Edge’s front and back cameras don’t disappoint. You truly get what you paid for and my Facebook friend’s comments can attest to this. While some were left wondering whether we used some professional underwater camera and others were thing we used a Galaxy s5. However as of today, I believe no smartphone comes close to the S7 Edge both below and underwater. Okay, let us give you some pointers on taking great under water selfies.

A lot of compromise: Tips on taking great shots

So how can you take a great selfie under water? Taking pictures underwater  especially selfies can be a bit challenging especially for a novice. First and foremost, the obvious challenge is that there is no air under Water (I know, I also feel silly even saying  that). So holding your breath becomes paramount.
Secondly, while taking a picture, trying to strike a balance between you smiling (call it keeping up normal selfie appearances), picture framing, focusing and at the time fighting water buoyancy in order to take that great shot is not the easiest of tasks. A pair of gills would come in handy. But, at the end of the day the results are worth it.
Underwater, the camera’s auto-focus struggles, but finally gets it right after a few tries. As a tip, always take take your shots in continuous, rapid or burst mode depending on nomenclature your phone uses. The phone we used could take up to 100 burst shots within five seconds. That way you can’t miss any frame. Alternatively you can start recording a video above the water surface and then go under water complete your selfie recordings and later edit and pick still images from the recorded video.
Another obvious mention I have to plugin in here is that; while underwater, the smartphone’s touchscreen is as useless as a dictator’s promise to leave office when his current term expires. So you’re left with fidgeting with the volume rocker or any other camera shutter button to take as many shots as you desire. So always use or set up a hardware button on your smartphone as that will come in handy. Last but not least, always remember to clean the front facing camera lens to achieve even a sharper results.
So whether underwater selfies will be the next big trending thing to hit Kampala by storm or not will depend on how fast features like water resistance in smartphones will trickle down to more affordable smartphones. We hope you picked some pointers.