How to silence that annoying Yaka buzzer beep


Simple DIY YAKA Tip


It’s a clear sign that you are now low on credit on your Yaka electricity meter. When your credit unit goes below UMEME’s acceptable limit, and that is usually anything lower than 15 units, get ready for that continuous annoying reminder that you need to recharge. Perhaps if you have not yet embraced Uganda’s future of paperless electricity billing technology worry not it’s coming near you as they are still rolling it out. Early adopters of this system have had several complaints from their units running as fast as Usain Bolt ever since they made the switch, to others praising Yaka as the long-awaited solution that has seen their monthly electricity bills dip to reasonable figures.

A 24 hour mute solution

Am sure some of you experience those ‘semi’ embracing moments when you receive visitors and that annoying low credit indicating buzzer beep keeps echoing  throughout the house reminding everyone how you are not up-to-date with your electricity bills. This audible warning will always repeat and the good news is that it can be silenced for at least for 24 hours. To mute the buzzer sound, long press the backspace key for at least 3 seconds until you see the silence icon. And there you have it, you will be noise free in your house for the next 24 hours.

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