How to make emoji non-racist: Apple and Google seem to have the answer


We love Emoji — especially when chatting on our smartphones — you will notice that most human Emjoi are biased to a certain race. Looks like Apple and Google are on the way to fixing it. It’s worth mentioning that Emoji are standardized by the Unicode Consortium, and they haveĀ  publishing a new proposal for how Emoji should be displayed that includes support for different skin complexions. Apparently the same proposal from Unicode was ‘pimped up’ by Apple and Google engineers, and though the diverse emoji are still part of a proposal, they’re planned for inclusion in the next major update to the Unicode standard, that will be released next year.

So how will this Emoji diversity work? Basically it will allow people to modify characters with a number of different skin-tone swatches. This means same Emoji different skin tones. The consortium is proposing support for five different skin tones and will be extended to the smiley faces, hand symbols, and other body parts. This means there will no change in other emoji even if it may be fun to look at.


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