How to buy data vouchers over USSD

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The advent of smartphones has relegated the use of old-timers like USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) to oblivion, being replaced by apps each passing day. Fret not if you haven’t jumped on the smartphone bandwagon and even if you’re,  it will solve you the hassle of having to look for ISP agents, who are a rarity by the way or looking for a point of sale terminal like Payway, Pebuu, New Pay among others such that you can buy data voucher cards for the likes of Roke Telkom, Vodafone or Smile since these have a limited retail presence and agent network.

You can now buy the data vouchers by simply using your phone dialer, so it doesn’t exempt any phone. Smartphones and feature phones qualify here. The question you might be asking yourselves is how?

Currently available for only MTN subscribers, here is a step by step approach on how to purchase data vouchers or Internet over a USSD menu.

  1. Dial *252#
  2. Select Payments
  3. Select Internet
  4. Select your respective internet service provider
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It is a surprise how the decision struck MTN to aid the competition in this endeavour but the *252# USSD menu isn’t limited to purchasing data only, one can as well pay for goods and services, School fees, tickets, banks and SACCO dues, purchase airtime and send money across different networks.

There is also a rewards loyalty program called 252 though this will call for you to first register before you start redeeming accrued points.