Tales of a Social Media Junkie: Slowly murdering the great nights out

Coping up with the addicted

Picture this! You are out on a date, and all your partner can focus on is their cell phone or tablet. You keep talking and talking to them but only to realize you are actually talking to yourself like some kind of schizophrenic lunatic. If you ask them whether they understood what you just said; all you get is a “yes honey of course you are right”. He or She could be “hot” and gorgeous, but is it worth the neglect or half attention you will get during that time you claim you spending together over that expensive meal you have or about to pay for?

So we all have cool Smartphones with apps like kik, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger and all social apps you can think of. Before you know it, you have received an engaging tweet or tagged in a great Instagram picture or received a viral WhatsApp video that you can’t resist to react to. Keep in mind all this social media craziness knows no location  or time. Don’t get me wrong, social media is a great platform for making money and business marketing; but forget about that,  am now talking about the social media without any monetary value like habitual Instant Messaging, tweeting and the nonsense that comes with it.

Etiquette down the drain

It’s bad etiquette  to use your phone when on a date or at a dinner but seems this is no longer the case, if you find yourself reaching your phone on a date, just know the person or people you’re with are deadening, or to put it bluntly, boring as hell. Am not here to give dating advice or table manners cause I can care less, am only scribbling this mini rant cause am wondering if this will be a common sight from here on.

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It’s a common sight nowadays at a wedding party,  nightclub or bar to find  people either pre-occupied or bored stiff and deesocial media injecttionply engulfed in to their Smartphones. You only wonder if this is a whole new level of multitasking or is this  breaking our human social interactivity. Most social media “hooked” youth prefer to chat with their virtual friends that those they have actually gone out with.

Swallowing the bitter Pill

When the Social Media addiction bug infiltrates over 80% of your time just know that you need help, God knows I do (okay at times I do). When you become a habitual chatting freak to an extent of chatting while crossing the road or feel the urge of responding to a message while driving, that’s the red light right there. Just Stop and seek help.

You might have to cut back on your social media intake, cause am not about to write a therapeutical  David D like  article entailing “10 steps of healing your social media addiction” , all you need to do is take the bitter pill and control yourself. Respond to those urgent social media updates, tags, tweets and messages when you really have to. Don’t let those precious moments and fun with actual friends or those you care for, pass you by. Are you a victim of social media addiction? And how has it affected your relationship and social life?


Writer  is still addicted to social media and as the saying goes, Do as I say .…… You can compete the rest, let the sharing begin fellow social media buffs