Here is how you can verify if your phone or tablet is genuine

verify counterfeit phone uganda

Thanks to our regulator UCC, we can now verify if the smartphones or tablets we buy are legit. With the increasing number of Chinese made counterfeit mobile devices, the Uganda Communications Commission has set up a platform for all mobile users to check if they are buying a legit device, specially smartphones and tablets that cost an arm and a leg. So here is how you can verify if your phone or tablet is genuine.

How to get started

On your mobile phone, type *#06#, you will see a  15 digit code which will be displayed on your screen for each line you have in your phone. e.g. if your mobile phone has a provision for two simcards, you will see two 15 digit codes. Every genuine mobile phone has a serial number to register it to a mobile network. This code is commonly known as an International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) code and you should write is somewhere separately. It’s the same number that they use to track your phone if it’s stolen. The IMEI number can be used to verify the legitimacy of a phone.


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Go to this page here and enter the 15 digit IMEI code in the box provided on that page and press “Verify My Phone”.


Analyzing the results

After pressing “Verify My Phone”, you will be given a response on the legitimacy of the phone you have. As shown in the images below, if all is well, you will have a feedback of the phone Model, Manufacturer and Frequency Bands of the phone corresponding with the IMEI code will be displayed for you to compare and verify a match. In my case all matched. But when I tried a random IMEI, the system will warn you that the device is not legit; hence it might be a counterfeit. See images below.



verify counterfeit fake phone



verify counterfeit phone