Google’s latest charitable giving app project “One Today” aims to help make a difference

Google has started a charitable project so if you’re interested in helping to balance things out and give back a little, you’ll want to check out Google’s latest project, a charitable giving app called One Today.

One Today helps introduce users to interesting nonprofits. Every day it will share a new one with you, and try to learn over time what types of projects you’re most interested in, helping it better pick which ones to introduce to you. There’s no obligation, but if you like what you see, you can use the app to donate a dollar. Right now One Today is invite-only, but if you’re an Android user interested in trying it out, you can head over to the project page and request an invitation.

There’s a social component that will let you see where your friends are giving, and match their donations if you so choose. Just hit up the source link below.