Google’s failed Nexus Q, rumored to have a come back later this year

It seems Google may have a new media streamer waiting in the wings to replace it ots original failed media streamer the Nexus Q. A recent FCC (Federal Communications Commission) filing provides some sparse details on a mysterious product referenced as the “H840 Device.” Google is mentioned as the product’s manufacturer, and it’s described as a “fixed base station” with 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi. What’s most intriguing, however, is the product’s purpose: one of the documents states plainly that “The device functions as a media player.”

The Nexus Q had initially appeared to be Google’s response to devices like Apple TV,but after a splashy introduction last year in the US, the company withdrew the product from the market entirely,sending out free versions to those that had placed pre-orders but otherwise shelving it. Google’s clearly been rethinking its media strategy — it introduced Google Play Music All Access this week, and while Google TV didn’t warrant a center-stage at this year’s Google I/O. It should also be noted that Google has asked the FCC to withhold photos of the device and its instruction manual from the public for 45 days after it receives certification, but after that point it should fair game.

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