Google will stop paying App developers in selected countries

For one reason or another, Google seems to be pulling the plug on developer payments in Argentina. Developers in this country have begun receiving letters from Google informing them that “Google Play will no longer be able to accept payments on behalf of developers registered in Argentina starting June 27, 2013.” The change applies to both paid apps and apps that use in-app purchases. The usual suspect must be the government of Argentina as they have introduced restrictive regulations  levied on currency exchanges, which The Telegraph detailed this past September. At least Android customers in Argentina will still be able to purchase apps in the Play store and developers from the country can continue to offer free apps.

Celularis has a copy of the letter Google has sent to Argentine developers (and a follow-up post with more details), which states that a final payment will be made on July 22nd and, strangely, lacks anything like an apology for those affected by the changes. Developers in Argentina who do want to continue
to make money off apps in the Google Play store will have to transfer their account to another country.


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