Google trader to be discontinued on November 11th in favor of Google+ Business pages

One thing Google is good at is creating and killing a product, from Google buzz to reader and now coming soon will be Google trader. Starting 11th of November 2013, Google Trader will no longer be available for posting new listings, or reposting existing listings. Google has however given a access to the app until November 11, and any listing posted as of that date will remain active on Google Trader until it expires.

It will be noted that all listings posted on or before November 11, 2013 will remain active as long as they have not expired.But after November 11 you will no longer be able to post new listings, or repost existing listings.  Active listings will remain on Google Trader until they reach the expiry period. Buyers will be able to view your listings and contact information while your listings remain active.

All forced to use Google +

So if you still want your business to continue, users are encouraged to create a Google+ Business pages by going to  A Google+ Business page is a new online home for your business on Google. This page will provide your business  with a public identity on Google+, and it’s where you connect with customers, develop your brand, and engage your following.

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After November 11th Google advises all users to let customers know what products and/or services you have
on your Google+ Business page. To get help with setting up your Google+ Business page, fill this form or go to:


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