Google Fiber hits Kampala under ‘Project Link’ Umbrella

I was walking along the streets finishing up my HTC One Mini review and my colleague and I came across  multi-colored  optic fiber cables with a familiar Google color palette that seemed to protrude from the ground. This kept us wondering and after several investigations, we discovered it was a Google Master Plan to hook its tentacles and connect the developing nations to the internet. For those living in Uganda’s capital city Kampala have noticed people digging the whole city like crazy laying ‘Jamaican Flag’ like colored cables underground, well fear not as that will be the answer to the next revolution of internet in Uganda.

The search giant aims to connect everyone to the internet and they have brought Google fiber to Kampala, well sort of. Dubbed Project Link, Google aims to spread internet access to developing areas across the globe. And do not mistake this with Google’s other project known as Project loon. Through the project, Google is currently building fiber optic networks in areas that don’t already have access to fast and reliable internet. The search Giant has made a deal with existing telecoms to provide them access to undersea cables that pipe internet between continents, which Google claims will allow the area’s internet service providers and mobile operators to begin expanding and improving their services. Uganda is one of the unique countries in Africa with at least three LTE rolled out networks, including MTN, Orange and Smile Communications with more to come.

Although it’s still business initiative: Google’s strategy is to charge carriers to hook into its network, which it says will allow the project to keep growing. Their aim is to ensure the project is a sustainable model that can grow to reach the most people.

Why is Google in Kampala?

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According to Google Kampala was chosen because; while the city is full of energetic and noisy activity, its businesses and people have been held back by poor internet.

“Kampala is a very young city with a burgeoning tech, business, and even jazz scene, Google says. High-speed broadband can help propel all these things forward.”

Though Google doesn’t say where Project Link might head next, we think the next phase will be fiber to home and not only to the carriers. We only hope Google won’t be focusing solely on Africa as it will expand in other areas.