Google CEO Unveils Google 2.0 With Real World Solutions

Google CEO Larry Page


Google  CEO Larry Page
Google CEO Larry Page

From self-driving cars, immortality, to setting up Google fiber here in Kampala, Google is one company that strives for ambitious projects, and the CEO Larry Page has apparently been working round the clock to bring more presumptuous tasks for his company. According to the The Information reports Page started up a Google 2.0 project inside the company last year to look at the big challenges facing humanity and the ways Google can solve them.

The Birth of Google Y

Among the ambitious plans, Google plans to build more efficient airports as well as a model city. To progress these ideas to realization, the Google chief has also apparently proposed a second research and development lab. The birth of Google Y is now upon us, and it will focus on even longer-term programs that the current Google X which looks to support future technology and is headed up by his close friend Sergey Brin. As expected, among all these ambitious projects we have not seen any come out  commercially.

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Google 2.0’s more realistic and near-term goals have also been under discussion, including location tracking that can be precise up to the nearest centimeter or “down to the inches.” That would allow people to identify those around them discreetly. Also things like the future of biometric security — potentially provided by the sensors embedded in smartwatches — replacing the traditional (and traditionally insecure) written password.Google is clearly always up to something an only time will tell what Google 2.0 will bring in reality.

Source: The Information