Ambitious is one way to call today’s Gizmo pick. Ohh.. before I forget, welcome to our new small segment called Gizmo Crash where we shall be randomly picking out a cool gadget that we are crashing on in that particular period, and also get to have some fan while drooling over it.

We start off with the Vinci 1.5 smart-hearable  a new take on the headset and being marketed as the world’s first “3D headset”. If you think its just a pair of wireless headsets, you are dead wrong. The 1.5 on the suffix of the name, standards for its current version number, version 1.0 has been out in China for a while, but version 1.5 is currently on KickStarter ,
a crowd fundraising website.

The Vinci’s 3.2 inch display

What you’ll get if all goes according to plan; is a fully self-contained, voice-controlled headset capable of reading your heart-rate, syncing with music streaming apps like Spotify, Amazon and Sound Cloud and responding to voice commands.

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When I say self-contained I mean it, while you can plug-in a USB cable, or pair it with your computer via Bluetooth, Vinci also includes WiFi and a 3G capable cellular radio so you can use it on the go all on its own. It comes with its own nano-SIM card slot and on board storage so you can load music on the device through a USB connection.

Android on your Head

All the above can be controlled via a custom Android Interface on a single massive display, which does double duty as a touch pad for track skipping while you are wearing it. Rounding up the feature set, is better looking hardware, wireless charging and noise cancellation on the Pro- model and a proximity sensor for automatically pausing music when you take the headset off.

Those are the promises of this device if it ever leave the kickstater program fully funded. When it comes with the actual technical specifications the Vinic will have;

  • System on Chip (SoC) MTK 6572
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 16 GB of on board storage
  • 3.2 Display at 480 by 360 px
  • Weighing 260 gms
  • 1500 mhA battery capacity
  • Wireless Charging
  • 3D sound Technology
  • Android OS

This is still not yet complete, so we can’t give it a buy or don’t buy recommendation. All we can say is that on paper, we are excited by the ambition of this product. The idea of just speaking out loud the song you want to hear and have Vinci play it sounds cool, and it certainly gets points for pazazz. The music visualizer on the display is guaranteed to get you some attention if that’s what you’re after. There is also Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant integration which unfortunately doesn’t work well in countries out of the United States.

Will duplicating smartphone features give the Vinci a home run?

The problem with this headset, is that it duplicates what your smartphone can do, which obviates the need for this product. Most wireless headsets promise over 20-30 hours of battery life, but the Vinci will fall short of that time due to its power hungry features like that huge-screen which will make it something you’ll need to charge much more often.

But if your are out in the market looking for a wireless headset –even a basic one– Vinci will be a good choice as it starts at $199 (UGX 340,000) which is cheaper than some brands that go up to UGX 1 million and with many more features. It will be available early 2017 will comes in black, White Silver and Red color options. Early backers can get it at a discount as low as $99.

Until we use the product in its final version, we can’t say whether it meets the dream of being the world’s best smart-hearable. If you would like to help it become a reality, you can hit the source link below to the Kickstarter website.