Galaxy s5 production plant reportedly caught fire

At 7AM local time yesterday a fire erupted at a Samsung South Koren factory, according to Korean news website Asia News Agency . The factory is reportedly believed to be largely responsible for manufacturing the printed circuit boards (PCB) for Samsung’s next upcoming flagship handset, the Galaxy S5. The very large fire, has now raised concerns about the smartphone’s production and near future.

The fire lasted about six hours and took about 300 firefighters to eliminate. Luckily this is only one of the many multiple factories Samsung uses for PCB production.

GS5 is still on course

The company has come out to say that the fire will not result in a delayed launch of its Galaxy S5, but concerns still abound that production levels could be short, resulting in an order bottleneck of sorts following the handset’s launch on April 11. It is estimated the fire has resulted in about $1 billion in damages.

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The cause of the fire is currently unknown, though it is being reported a third-floor fire involving the plating operation processing plant could have been the cause. Check source link for more pictures of the fire.