The future of beer: Brewed by Artificial Intelligence

AI beer

Your next beer could be brewed by software. Yes, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking over and if there is one thing that the big tech companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Apple are betting on in 2016, AI is number one on the list.  For the beer lovers out there, a small startup in London has finally figured a genuinely useful application of AI and has used it to craft and brew quality beers.

IntelligentX is the name of the start up and is offering four kinds of basic beers, from a hoppy American pale ale, to a  classic British golden ale, a British bitter kissed with grapefruit, and a smokey Marmite brew (I know they all sounds western, but no worried its all just flavored beers). Now here is the interesting part,  after testing these beers, you can chat with the company’s Facebook Messenger bot to share your feedback, which its AI  (built using IntelligentX’s own machine learning algorithm) uses to improve on its recipes.

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For the beer makers out there, no need to worry, IntelligentX says it will publish every recipe that its Automated Brewing Intelligence (ABI) creates, so people can try recreating them on their own.