Flappy Bird makes its Android Wear debut

ANdroid wear flappy bird

Last year Flappy Bird experienced rolling bouts of drama as it was pulled off the play store by it’s creator following apparent criticisms from players across the globe — many found the game addictive and difficult to quit, and the criticism reportedly weighed heavily on its creator. Today Flappy bird makes its debut on Android wear smartwatches.  If you’re a purist at heart and see no issue with having a maddening endless game on your wrist, there is now a better version available.

This ported version for the smartwatch is the same as you’d get on your smartphone, only with some clipping that is to be expected on certain devices.  Davenport the game creator has put some instructions up on getting started for those who want to run the game — and other oddities — on their Android Wear wearable.


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Source: Phandroid