Feedly hacked and taken down, ransom is required

feedly attacked

One of the popular RSS reader Feedly has now been down for several hours today due to a distributed denial of service attack which the hackers are allegedly using to extort money from the company. According to the Feedly blog, when explaining about the black out of the site, the company said that it’s been in contact with law enforcement as well other victims of the attack. So far Feedly has refused to give into the attacker’s demands they are working with their network providers to extenuate the attack with the least possible risks.

No ransom figures have been disclosed yet but its highly suspected that it could be the case. It has also been noted that Evernote was also briefly taken down yesterday, also from a denial of service attack, but it’s unclear if the two attacks could be related. As of now,  Feedly’s basic site is up but slow but user accounts still remain unusable.