Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and others unite to form a social network for cyber threats

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facebook iconSeveral social network giants and web companies led by Facebook are uniting to fighting cyber threats. This has been announced on Facebook’s blog page and they have called this platform ThreatExchange.  This collaboration will enable companies to share information on malicious links, phishing attempts, malware, and other attacks that they’ve seen or experienced. Apart from Facebook, other companies which include Twitter, Tumblr, Yahoo, Pinterest, Dropbox, and Bitly have also joined the ThreatExchange union. The aim is to enusre that these companies share this information as they receive it giving them ample time to quickly prepare for or even prevent future attacks.

The backbone of tyhis technology will be based on Facebook’s current technology that it uses to find connections between people on its social network, and that apparently allows ThreatExchange to find connections between threats. It should be noted that the information these companies are sharing over at ThreatExchange will usually be information that’s already public. ThreatExchange is launching in a beta today.

Source: Facebook , ThreatExchange