Facebook rolls out “say thanks” a way to appreciate those close to you

facebook say thanks

We have hundreds of friends on Facebook, but we don’t connect with all of them on a daily or weekly basis. Facebook wants you to appreciate those friends that are at the core of your Facebook experience, and today is rolling out a new way to help you celebrate those friendships with a new feature called Say Thanks.

Facebook announced Say Thanks last week, and today this new experience rolls out on your timeline. Say Thanks lets you create personalized video cards for your friends on Facebook.

You will be able top share a Say Thanks video with a close friend, your significant other, a relative, a coworker, an old friend – or anyone else in your life who you’d like to celebrate. There is no limit to how many personalized videos you can create and share.

Here’s how say thanks works:

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If you don’t see it on your timeline already, you can visit facebook.com/thanks to get started, and once you choose a friend, Facebook will generate a preview of the video. You’ll have the ability to select a different theme and edit photos and posts that represent your friendship.

When you’re slaked with the video, click “Share” — you will have the option of writing a personalized message before posting. The video will post on your Timeline and your friend will be tagged, so it will show up on their Timeline as well.