Facebook lite is a small 252 KB app designed for slow internet speeds: Download it now

Forget Facebook zero, Android Facebook users have something to smile about today as the social media giant launches its new paper weight 252 KB app called Facebook lite. You can download this app today from the Google Play Store. It is essentially a lightweight version of the social platform that aims to offer services to low-end devices at faster speeds and best of all, with lower internet speeds like those in emerging markets like Africa and Asia.

The 252KB app is officially marketed as a compromise solution for low-end devices that can not handle the “full experience” its appeal goes far beyond that to almost anybody fed up with the resource-hungry full Facebook app.

facebook lite_timeline

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This app started rolling out over the weekend in Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Uganda and Zimbabwe, which is all but fair given that they are all developing markets and an Android One style of approach is truly necessary.

Source: Google Play Store