Enjoy free Uber rides this Saturday with UberGIVING

Image Credit: Uber

It’s that time of year when we feel like giving, but don’t always know how, reads a statement on Uber’s blog. However, it seems the ride hailing service has finally found an answer to this query, through UberGIVING. Uber is partnering with Watoto to see this through on Saturday, 10th of December.

Uber is making it easy to extend the spirit of giving through donations from its Kampala riders, who will instead enjoy free rides should they decide to use UberGIVING and donate to the less privileged. The service can only be redeemed  between 9AM-12PM on Saturday.

Uber will accept non-perishable food, children’s toys, stationery, toiletries, diapers and sports equipment. These must be packaged either in boxes or bags.

This is a step by step breakdown of UberGIVING

  • Package your donation in bags/boxes
  • Open the Uber app between 9AM – 12PM (noon) on Saturday, 10 December
  • Swipe right and select UberGIVING
  • Request a ride as usual
  • A driver will arrive at your pick-up location to collect your donation
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Uber won’t charge you a dime if you fulfill the above and advises riders to carry the donations with them before the drivers arrive. Also, it asks of you to be patient since they anticipate UberGIVING to be in high demand.