DSTV Explora: The faster, more elegant PVR decoder

DSTV Explora

Multichoice has introduced DSTV Explora; a faster and beautifully smaller next generation PVR decoder. The decoder has a more enhanced user experience that gives users more control and also offers more recording space and personalisation options.

The Explora has been designed with extendability in mind and features  3 USB ports which Multichoice claims will be used for future technology upgrades like WiFi and 3G (potentially) integration. Other features that will compel you not to miss your old decoder are;

  • In-house Software: Explora  is built on top of a linux kernel with a code base developed largely by Multichoice.  This translates to more stable software, and quicker upgrades.
  • Friendly remote: The new remote is less complicated than all before it. Alternate functions have been removed and features a big blue ‘Home’ button to retrieve all your content.
  • Enhanced hardware: The Explora is fitted with a 2TB drive capable of 220 hours of recording with faster drive speed of 5900 rpm. It’s also equipped with a whooping 3GHz processor and 1GB DDR3 ram chip.