DSTV competitor, KweseTV signs up with ESPN to deliver more sports content.


KweseTV has surely disrupted the payTV space if we’re to go with the recent developments that have somewhat prompted DSTV to slash its prices. It turns out DSTV’s hold on the lucrative sports programming is slowly but surely waning in favor of the competition, who have overtime built their own arsenals in the sports arena. One of them being KweseTV, through its Kwese Free Sports brand that airs sports programming that includes the much loved English Premier League (EPL), The National Basketball Association (NBA), the National Football League (NFL) among others.

The good news are – KweseTV has signed a massive deal with behemoth American sports broadcaster, ESPN. The deal set to effect in 2017 will see Kwese deliver sports content in 19 sub-saharan African countries. The deal covers both broadcast and digital platforms meaning that the content will be delivered over conventional payTV and online. Reports Techweez

ESPN will also produce SportsCenter updates with African suite content that will include sports news and highlights. The two will also collaborate on the launch of an African edition of the ESPN website and mobile app called KweseESPN.com.

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In addition, Kwese will broadcast other ESPN content covering livesports and original programming. This will include SportsCenter, collegiate football, basketball among others. The content will have a dedicated channel on FTA set-top boxes and will as well be streamed online.

KweseTV is set to launch here and with such clout, it might disrupt the TV space as we know it. GTV employed a similar move, winning rights to broadcast the EPL before running into a financial crisis that forced it to wound its operations.