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Ugandans have great stories to tell, just as the crew at techjaja specialize in all things tech, we have other great writers and blogs out there with stories from different walks of life (social, entertainment, lifestyle, photography). The team at Dignited another Ugandan based great tech blog have come up with a whole new amazing away to let Ugandans discover all local content online in one place based on over 250 curated blogs and they have called it Storipot. Look at it as a Ugandan blog directory and it launches today.

With Storipot you can:

1. Keep track of the stories you care about

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2. Discover great blogs from great writers

3. Submit your blog and increase it’s discovery

4. Give feedback and suggest more features you would want to see (

Storipot page

Storipot discovery page


David Okwii, the Editor-In-Chief of Dignited and one of the brains behind Storipot said:

“There is a lot of great content that is published every day by mainstream media houses and more recently bloggers. However, it is increasingly difficult to keep track of great stories because of  the ‘noise’ generated by social media and millions of sites on the web”

The hunt of all Ugandan blogs began almost three months ago with a crowdsourcing campaign on social media especially twitter with the hashtag #256blogs and , the real gist behind storipot is to develop a community of keen bloggers who submitted their blogs to the aggregator.

The project manager of Storipot said:

“There’s a growing community of bloggers in Uganda who are increasingly churning out great local content. However, this content often goes unnoticed because of their small distribution channels and growing ‘noise’ on the web. We hope to solve this with storipot. “