Desire Luzinda’s nude pictures just broke Uganda’s Social Media

desire luzida

 One thing is for sure, sex sells…


If you have a smartphone and a strong sense of nostalgia for the good old controversial picture and video  sharing ongeek week emblem social media, am sure last weekend was a memorable one for you especially if you are a Whats App , Facebook or Twitter user in Uganda.  Time check 3:06 pm Friday afternoon as I was still trying to internalize the week’s events from what I initially thought was a civilian coup d’etat in Burkina Faso (apparently now a General has taken over the presidency), the alleged hacking of our dear president’s twitter account, Tim Cook also came of the closet— Ehhh mama… last week was full of drama. On top of that it ended with what we could call the nudies that broke social media in Uganda in 2014. Forget the UCU sex tapes, Zari, Cindy or Judith Heard’s nude pics….Desire Luzinda’s nude pictures top them.

Just as I was still having a debate with my Friends on twitter whether our dear MPs or Anti Gay Pastor Ssempa will throw their iPads away in protect, since Apple’s CEO decided to come out and declare which side of the team he plays for; and since most  claim to hold the ex-antigay law at heart……. Ding ding, ding ding –my sound notification for one of my ratchet Whats App groups sounds off continuously–As expected I neglected and even muted the group notification and went on with my business since group chats can tend to be annoying and “spammy”.

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3: 45pm  I received a call for a deal I was ‘chasing’ and after the call of course the temptation off checking on what’s going on in the chat group  rose to 101%.

desire luzida_2Yiyi, something was not right…I had over 1002 unread messages from this group alone which is rare, I even asked myself whether this is the best way these chaps can utilize their time at work — I had to see what the fuss was all about. The last time I had over 500 unread messages from this group was over the alleged Irene Ntale sex tape (What a pity it turned out not to be her. Don’t Judge me).

Mama nyabo (OMG) on scrolling up to see what the fuss was all about, my eyes almost got an eye-attack (read as heart attack), okay not that I have not seen worse. It was our every own song bird Desire Luzida, yes the same babe who on the previous night been exposed on Bukedde News (Yes I watch love News) in a mini debt scandal that almost lead her to spend a night in the coolers at Luzira maximum prison (and why am I thinking of Orange is the New black now?). And thats where this whole scandal began. Okay back to these pictures. There I was my jaw had literally dropped.  After the mini shock critical analysis began– I was scrutinizing the over half a dozen pics sent from every angle.

Naye Desire you have a “hot” body mama mia… One thing is for sure all comments across all social media platforms praised the body. Okay let me share some of the comments from this crazy whats app group of mine (It’s in Luganda only)


desire luzida_chat 1


desire luzida_chat 2


I told you these chaps are ratchet just. Before I knew it by 4:55pm when I checked my WhatsApp again, over 50 friends and other groups where circulating Desire Luzida’s nude pics. So it begs to ask, who leaked these pics? Apparently it was her Nigerian boy friend Franklin Emuobor  Ebenhron who she reportedly conned.

Franklin also accused Desire of cheating on him with an endless list of Kampala men notably: Frank a car broker, John Seroma, Toniks, Seya, another John, Chris, Ben Misaga and many more but thats not why am writing this you can read that full story from Konadance.   The feedback from these pics is just over whelming. Chats on this topic was also picked up on other social media platforms like Facebook, Ugandan blogs name it; it was there and this went on till the wee hours of the night. I think up now.

Trending iconic Pose aka Desire Luzinda Challenge

So the aftermath of the leaked nudies has now led to the popularity the  iconic pose she made — am sure most readers are familiar with the one hand on the breast and the other hand near her loins with an upside down ‘V’ sign. (Ssenga any one? Inside joke). Seems the trend caught on with other famous celebrities like Bobi Wine and KFM’s Patric Kanyomozi. Look at the pics below and tell us who pulled it off the best

desire luzida_3


desire luzida_4


It was like people where following world cup on Whats App here in Uganda over the weekend, giving the feeling that Desire’s pics got more traffic than any nude pics leaked before. Trust me Irene Ntale’s alleged sex tape has nothing on this. Anyway as I said in the beginning sex sells. Word of advice just never share your nudies in the first place -but who cares even if I try to pull a moral card am sure most ladies have their nudies already taken. The magic question is ; When will they leak? As for Desire I hear more is to be released. God bless her soul