How long does Google take before they update their maps? Getting lost when traversing the streets of Kampala and the suburbs using Google maps is no stranger to Uganda’s tech savvy, Uber drivers and tourists who rely on maps to get around the different areas of Kampala. With the ever changing infrastructure of developing countries, Google is bound to be on the constant look out to make changes to their maps in real-time.

Case in point, the fairway round-about along Yusuf-Lule road (featured image above) which was recently “upgraded” and now has become some sort of maze for Kampala drivers, will soon need a Google Map and Google Street view facelift. The puzzling bit is that when you look at the maps, Google claims that this is their latest version of the map published 2016 based on the footnote on the map. So to answer the question I initially asked at the begging of this article, we shall need some experts to answer that . According to Google Engineers, there is no precise answer to the question. But it solely depends on the geographical location. Which means there is some kind of prioritization.

The Old Old Google Street view image of the Fairway round about.

What do Google Map experts say?

Its obvious that for urban areas, you might see the map imagery get updated much quicker than rural areas. As there are rapid changes in urban area in terms of structure, development of new neighborhood etc.
Also, the Google satellite imagery team will decide as per their business needs and other clauses. But according,
Mohammed Thalha a Google Maps expert, he says ;
“We can also request for an satellite imagery update in any area, if we know that the imagery is pretty old by dropping an RMI (Report Map Issues) from Google Maps.”
As per now, as Madam Jennifer upgrades the road network in Kampala, Google still needs to catch up much faster, for the sanity of Google Maps users in Kamapala.