Could Blackhat send a strong message to cyber criminals?

When suddenly the world goes AWOL on issues of unemployment, I must say intellects won’t really seat back and complain yet they could actually do something about it. Well question is how right the remedy is implemented. If you want to make build a reputation good or bad, then the faster way to do so is by using technology and before you know it you will be all over the area. Well, more ironically is when you use it the wrong way; Ahem! You will attract all the attention you need. Today is the official release of the Blackhat movie, which we hope will be more like a strong message to y’all cyber criminals.



“Set a thief to catch a thief”

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When I watched this movie, I was mesmerized at how a single click can cripple the entire networking system more so the sensitive sector of all, the banking sector. Well the world fears cyber-criminals because if they don’t cripple your systems, then they could at least leave you with a dollar only to buy you a piece of pie. We all know Chris Hemsworth from the Thor Marvel movies, he plays lead actor in this American Action thriller that is expected to send out a strong message to cyber- criminals.

BlackhatNicholas Hathaway (Chris Hemsworth ) is the bad lad lagging in prison due to the enormous crimes he has committed, but as the saying goes ‘set a thief to catch a thief’, he’s released to help assist the authorities in curbing down a crime gone viral, a cybercriminal who seems unmotivated by politics or finance, as he seeks to only cripple the international banking network.

American and Chinese work together to battle this, but have to acquire the services of furloughed convict Nicholas to help them with the operations. This makes him very dependable to solve this case. He perfectly executes the job bringing the criminal to book, but after an in-depth pursuit of the mysterious figure through Chicago, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Jakarta. Y’all will ask yourself’. Why Blackhat of all titles? I also did the same, but after I watched it, I got a clear glimpse of why it was so because a Blackhat, also known as Black hacker is actually one who violates computer or internet security maliciously for illegal personal gain.

“The movie was initially called Cyber”

BlackhatThe movie was initially called Cyber until July 26th 2014 when it was changed to Blackhat in a bid to prepare it to be Oscar worthy. I see it go down that road and most probably turning out to be popular both in Hollywood and China. The movie will solve a lot in the cybercrime fight according to sources in the international security agencies. This is a great one to roll with January, blended with a little drama, mystery and thriller; it’s the perfect chill through the month opener.