Confirm your voting status in the 2015-2016 elections with this online voter locator

voter locator uganda

With the 2015-2016 elections set to kick off, the independent Electoral  Commission is in full gear ensuing that all Ugandans will be in position to take part in the polls. Using online voter locator, the commission has enabled all eligible voters to check online where they are registered, eliminating the long ques and endless inquiries, uncertainties and also gives you time to go report any errors in your details. You can search for your details using your either your voter number, national ID number or application ID.


voter locator 1

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Example of results after a search

The tool will return all the information you initially registered with the commission including your name, gender, voter number, and actual location where you will vote from right from the district, Sub-county, parish to the polling station number. You can try out this online tool from the source link below.

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