Image Credit: KCCA

Those in the Architectural or Civil engineering profession can attest to how intriguing and frightening in equal measure finding out the progress of submitted drawings owing to the intense requirements by the KCCA.

The procedure dictates a maximum of 2 weeks after which you must report back for any clarity or feedback from authorities and often times than not, many have to endure extra weeks before they finally meet their fate regarding the submitted plans.

The good news though, you can now check for the progress of submitted plans to the physical planning directorate by simply logging online and boom, you’re good to go. But before you choose so, here are a few caveats.

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First, be well acquainted with the names and details of the client, drawings name and not forgetting the architect responsible. By this I mean the architect whose green stamp appears on the submitted plans together with other essential details like the proposed building’s plot & block number and you’re good to go.

How to check?

  • Log onto the KCCA approved portal by following this link www.kcca.go.ug/plan
  • After, submit the above credentials where asked.
  • Tap/Click search and wait for results.

This follows KCCA’s initiative of #KCCADigital where the authority is using its digital presence to help city residents with all queries, complaints and inquiries about its services.